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Christian Employer Alliance

  • The Colson Center exists to equip Christians with the clarity, confidence, and courage they need to live like Christians in this cultural moment. Because following Christ is not really about inviting Him into our lives, but embracing His invitation into His life.

    Colson Center

  • Pace Financial Group is a recognized national leader in Employee Stock Ownership plan implementation and consulting as well as business valuations

    Pace Financial Group

  • Orange Kiwi helps business owners navigate the challenges significant transitions present. We help owners succeed where others fail in the storms of conflict, confusion, or complexity. Our approach helps owners address the “hard” technical aspects (legal, wealth, tax, financial, strategy, structure) and the “soft” people aspects (psychological, family dynamics, emotional, business culture, staff/skills) to create clarity and confidence that gives owners greater control over decision-making for scaling through growth barriers, engaging in family succession, or achieving the sale of their business.

    Orange Kiwi

  • SDR Ventures is an investment bank

    SDR Ventures

  • We provide faith-aligned capital and strategic partnership to values-driven, market-leading companies and funds with potential for outsized returns for all stakeholders. We currently have four main practice areas. First, we invest directly in profitable, lower-middle market companies with $10 million to $100 million in revenue, and $3 million to $20 million in owner’s earnings. Second, we invest directly in promising, early-stage technology companies across Seed and Series A stages. Third, we invest in publicly traded companies. Finally, we use a fund-of-funds strategy to invest in venture and private equity fund managers through primaries, secondaries, co-investments, and GP stakes. We are distinct in our values-driven approach to investing, our ability to hold investments long-term, our willingness to customize solutions to owner needs, and the excellence with which we execute through disciplined strategic, operational, and financial partnership.

    Sovereign’s Capital

  • Bison Business is a leading M&A Firm and Business Brokerage, a long-time C12 Member, and helps Business Owners Acquire and Sell Companies in Alignment with their Values while maximizing best Financial Outcomes.

    Bison Business

  • Our mission is to unite, equip, and represent Christian-owned businesses to protect religious freedom and provide the opportunity for employees, businesses, and communities to flourish. Membership in the Christian Employers Alliance is open to Christian employers (companies, nonprofits, schools/universities, medical professionals, and churches) who are passionate about living out their faith in their workplace and agree to the CEA statement of faith and ethical convictions.

    Christian Employers AllianceChristian Employers Alliance

  • We provide retreats, live courses, online courses, and books for C12 chairs and members to experience the full and absolute covenant life of God – blessed to be a blessing, and discover God’s will for all of life issues.

    All for Jesus – Living Waters 

  • Medical Cost Sharing with Sedera is peer-to-peer sharing of medical costs through a membership-based community. Sedera is not insurance, it’s better.


  • The 3Ten Coalition exists to help qualified C12 members transition or scale businesses in a way that maximizes post-transaction Kingdom impact and ownership legacy.

    The 3Ten Coalition is an ecosystem of capital providers, advisory groups, and service providers covenanted together to serve C12 members in a voluntary manner with coordination by C12 or through proxy agents of C12.

    The 3Ten Coalition is not a legal entity, provider of funds, or fiduciary, but, rather, a program offering of C12 to members with exclusive coordination and qualitative assurances.

    3Ten Coalition

  • In 2007, after 24 years of full-time local church ministry, Tom Ewing and his wife Susanne co-founded Tom Ewing Ministries to offer consultation, coaching, and practical worship solutions to churches and faith-based organizations. They also conduct spiritual renewal retreats with All For Jesus Living Waters Ministries. As a worship leader, Tom’s refreshing leadership style unites believers from all church backgrounds and encourages worshippers to experience the presence and fullness of God.

    Tom Ewing
    Tom Ewing Ministries

  • Good Comma Editing supplies research, writing, and editing to help leaders state the most important things clearly and to protect the professional face of admirable businesses and ministries. We are the choice partner in editorial teamwork for an extensive network of professionals who rely on clear communication to lead in liberty, clarity, and conviction.

    Good Comma Editing


    Christian Employee Alliance

  • Great sales teams don’t just happen.  Creating a revenue-generating sales team is straightforward but not easy. Any change requires commitment, breaking bad habits, and a willingness to have difficult conversations. We get it. Our proven systems give your sales team the skills and tools needed to build a sales machine geared for long-term success.

    Topaz Consulting

  • At RoleModel, we craft custom software, tailored to your business, by collaborating with you. Our high-performance Craftsman-led teams learn your business and collaborate with experts to create a long-term sustainable solution for your business. As C12 members ourselves we relish the opportunity to amplify the expertise of other C12 companies in building their business for a greater purpose.

    RoleModel Software

  • The Marketing Leadership Company. Atlas Rose strives to elevate Brand, Mission, and Culture, through executive-level marketing leadership.

    Atlas Rose Marketing

  • PHOS is a strategy-first digital marketing agency. We are a team of passionate digital creatives helping businesses identify opportunities for growth through strategic consulting, branding, web design, and marketing.

    PHOS Creative

  • Helping families pursue the relationships that matter most. FamilyLife exists to help families grow together and impact their corner of the world. We believe family is the greatest untapped resource for bringing good to the world.


  • WaterStone is a Christian foundation that comes alongside givers, advisors and ministries to provide trusted counsel.  Since 1980, WaterStone has assisted givers and their advisors by crafting customized innovative giving strategies, no matter how complex or unique, that help individuals minimize taxes and maximize the impact of giving to their favorite charities.  Our expertise is working with business owners and stewards of family wealth to unlock the giving potential of their non-cash assets like real estate, business interests, oil and gas and agricultural commodities. Our strategists stand ready to create Personalized Charitable Plans utilizing Business Interests, Real Estate, Appreciated Assets, Charitable Trusts, Giving Funds and more. Find out how to give and receive the most from complex assets with WaterStone.


  • Through a diverse portfolio of products and experiences, the Global Leadership Network (GLN) is committed to developing and strengthening leadership skills to maximize transformation.

    Global Leadership Network

  • His Way at Work exists to inspire and empower business leaders to transform their workplaces with God’s love. We help Christian CEO’s and business owners to develop an overarching strategy to care for the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of their employees, their families, and the community in a way that honors God. Our coaches work with these companies onsite or remotely to lead the CEO, the leadership team, and the employees through a proven process to develop and execute this “Caring Strategy”. Bottom line…we help CEO’s convert inspiration into action.

    His Way at Work

  • Alliance Defending Freedom is the world’s largest legal organization committed to protecting religious freedom, free speech, marriage and family, parental rights, and the sanctity of life. We defend your most cherished liberties in Congress, state legislatures, and courtrooms across the country—all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court if necessary. 

    Simply, we passionately strive to keep the doors open for the Gospel.

    Alliance Defending Freedom

  • Best Christian Workplaces Institute is dedicated to equipping and inspiring Christian leaders to create flourishing workplaces.  We believe Christian-led organizations should set the standard as the best, most effective places to work in the world. In doing so, they will not only achieve their God-given purposes but also attract people to Christ. 

    Founded in 2002, we help measure and improve the health of organizations through our employee engagement survey360 Leadership Review process, and culture consulting services.   

    We view BCWI as a ministry and as a result, we are organized as a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. 

    Best Christian Workplaces Institute

  • RightNow Media @ Work is a voluntary, faith-based streaming library of leadership videos, professional development training, and personal care resources for Christian business leaders to share with their employees. This streaming library offers more than 20,000 videos from leaders like Patrick Lencioni, John Maxwell, Liz Bohannon, and Henry Cloud, plus content on marriage, parenting, personal finance, and mental health. Business leaders can support their employees at home and at work by giving every person in the organization unlimited access to this great resource—available anytime, anywhere, on nearly any device.

    Right Now Media @ WorkRightNow Media @ Work 

  • Marketplace Chaplains believes the gospel of Jesus Christ transforms lives and is the power of God to salvation. We affirm a gospel-centered prominence and preeminence in our marketplace mission where we exist to share God’s love in the workplace by providing an employee care service through Chaplain Teams. Since 1984, Marketplace Chaplains provides a personalized and proactive employee care service through Chaplain Care Teams comprised of male, female and ethnically diverse Chaplains making worksite visits and available 24/7, nationwide for personal problems and crisis events. Over 1800 professionally trained Chaplains will visit 5,000 locales this week in public, private and Senior Living companies across North America.

    Marketplace Chaplains

  • Many Christians struggle to share Jesus. It leaves us feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, or even guilty. At The Pocket Testament League, we understand. That’s why we created a simple method to sharing Jesus that works for anyone. In fact, we have taught millions of Christians around the world how to share the gospel over a hundred and fifty million times. Together, with other business leaders and ministry partners, The League is working to invite 130 million people to meet Jesus by 2028.

    Pocket Testament League

  • Corporate Chaplains of America (CCA) creates meaningful, proactive, life-changing engagement with your employees and their family. We are accountable for helping you maximize your BaaM (Business as a Mission), providing both pragmatic and eternal (Bema) ROI. Our true value comes in crisis, and our Chaplains are available 24/7/365. CCA Chaplains have over 4 million employee contacts annually, driving nearly 400,000 deeper conversations. CCA’s mission is to “build caring relationships with the hope of gaining permission to share the life-changing Good News of Jesus Christ in a non-threatening manner.”  Every year, we see 10,000 Life-Change decisions for Christ through our Chaplains. Connections, conversations, and caring relationships add up to great company culture.

    Corporate Chaplains of America

  • NCF: Growing generosity through businesses nationwide

    As a business leader devoted to stewarding God’s resources well, you probably want to make the most of one of your greatest assets – your company. We can help. For more than four decades, the National Christian Foundation (NCF) has come alongside Christian CEOs, business owners, and executives to help them make wise giving decisions, avoid costly mistakes, become more strategic, and thrive in their calling to make a difference beyond the bottom line through biblical generosity. With 30 teams nationwide, and the most creative giving solutions available today, we’ve mobilized more than 16 billion for 71,000 charities, including 5 billion in non-cash gifts, like business interests and real estate. With NCF as your guide, you have a team of experienced charitable professionals to help you leverage every opportunity for a greater giving.

    National Christian FoundationNational Christian Foundation

  • James Kwon is the founder and CEO of Figmints Digital Creative Marketing, an award-winning holding agency with several brands to address specific market needs. These brands include SalesAmp, BetterSetGo, QuickBrownFox, TrainHire, and Good&Growing. Committed to community outreach, their Hack4Love Initiative revamps marketing for nonprofits in just 48 hours. James received the “40 Under 40 Award” from the Providence Business News, serves on the board for FosteringHope New England, and speaks at venues like The Hubspot INBOUND Conference, MassChallenge, and MIT.

    James Kwon
    Figmints Digital Creative Marketing

  • Brandon West is the founder and chief purpose officer of PHOS Creative, a strategy-first digital marketing agency headquartered in Florida. Their team of 25 serves companies across the country, including C12. PHOS’s growth and culture have been featured in the Inc. 5000, Gator100, and Florida Trend Magazine. Brandon’s passion is fighting to restore dignity, purpose, and freedom to the lives of women and children impacted by extreme poverty and sex trafficking.

    Brandon West
    PHOS Creative

  • Abstract

    The CEO Blindspot: The Missing Essentials Your Key Players Need

    A primary goal of C12’s Key Player Program is to foster authenticity, alignment, and development among a company’s top leadership. Across the C12 network, Key Players express consistent challenges with their CEOs. For the first time, we formally surveyed, gained insight, and clarified themes from thousands of direct reports of C12 CEOs. Do you know what your direct reports need? How can you make the most of your Key Player investment? Mark Beebe will present the survey results and detail the essentials Key Players need to flourish in their roles, grow their leadership, and help their CEOS achieve the company’s mission.

    About Mark Beebe

    As C12’s vice president of field operations, Mark Beebe leads a team that directly supports more than 140 full-time Chairs who equip over 3,200 C12 members. He is passionate about helping leaders mobilize wisdom in their lives and businesses. Over the last two years, C12 membership has grown 35% as Mark has driven Chair performance, brand execution, continuous development, and accountability.

    Mark lives in San Antonio, Texas, with his wife, Kim, and three children.

    Mark Beebe

  • Davin Salvagno is the founder & CEO of PurposePoint, a leadership training and organizational development firm, and the co-founder of The Purpose Summit. Passionate about helping people and organizations fulfill the purpose for which God created them, he is also an inspirational speaker and the author of Finding Purpose at Work. Davin’s insights have helped hundreds of organizations worldwide engage their purpose, inspire their people, and increase their impact.

    Davin resides in Michigan with his wife Amy and their two children.

    Davin Salvagno

  • Brandon Christensen is the president of Adilstone Group, a global talent acquisition firm committed to redeeming the people business. Bringing his 25 years of expertise in leadership, recruiting, and international business, Adilstone partners with businesses to help them scale and place employees in the Middle East and around the world. Under Brandon’s leadership, Adilstone celebrated its best year yet in 2021 amid the pandemic and is poised for even more growth.

    Brandon lives in Newnan, Georgia, and loves spending time with his wife and two daughters, watching and playing sports, and traveling the world.

    Brandon Christensen
    Adilstone Group

  • Abstract

    Becoming an Ideal Customer Magnet

    Revenue Generation Track

    Unashamedly and with a missional focus, Robert Netzly founded Inspire Investing in 2015 to serve a niche client base of Christian investors with a Biblical worldview. His fanatical passion for serving the interests of his ideal customers has turned Inspire into a thought leadership brand and generated massive earned media exposure on both traditional and non-traditional platforms. Eight years later, this one-man startup has turned into the world’s largest provider of faith-based exchange-traded funds (ETFs) with extensive Kingdom impact through corporate shareholder engagement. Learn how a fanatical focus on ideal clients could take your business to the next level.

    About Robert Netzly

    Robert Netzly founded the Inspire Impact Group of companies in 2015 to provide investors with a platform for biblically-responsible investing. Under his leadership, Inspire Investing has experienced meteoric growth to become the world’s largest faith-based ETF provider with $2B of assets under management, ranking on the Inc. 5000 and The Financial Times Fastest Growing Companies lists for several years running. Robert is the author of the best-selling book, Biblically-Responsible Investing: For God’s Glory And Your Joy, a contributor for The Wall Street Journal and The Christian Post, and frequently appears in major global media to advocate for biblically-responsible investing.

    Robert in the News

    Robert Netzly
    Inspire Investing

  • Abstract

    Beauty for Ashes: How Crisis Inspired Us to Rethink Everything

    Operations Management Track

    In 2013, Harmony Women’s Care was totally destroyed by fire. In the aftermath, Rachel Nguyen and her team decided to “rethink everything”. They implemented major operational changes that resulted in Harmony becoming exponentially more effective in achieving its mission. For most business owners, a deep look at operations reveals outdated processes and beliefs that hinder the company’s true potential. In this session, Rachel will walk you through the steps she took to reimagine her organization – and help you see how you can reimagine yours without the “benefit” of a crisis.

    About Rachel Nguyen

    Rachel Nguyen is the executive director of Harmony Women’s Care, a Christian pregnancy center in Rhode Island. Following a devastating fire in 2013, Rachel led her team to take a fresh look at the organization. Focusing on continuous improvement and measurable results, she positioned Harmony to have a growing impact on their community. The results: a streamlined patient process designed to end the demand for abortion by bringing women to Christ and empowering them to choose life. Since launching the program in 2016, nearly 400 women have accepted Christ, and the number of at-risk women choosing life has increased by 287%.

    Rachel in the News

    Rachel Nguyen
    Harmony Women’s Care

  • Abstract

    A Culture of Love: The Upside to Untapped Talent

    Organizational Development Track 

    The labor market is tight. “Help Wanted” signs dot the landscape. And yet, a deep untapped talent pool exists for employers willing to take an uncommon and loving approach to entry-level hiring. Matt Cuff built an exceptional workforce by sourcing employees from non-traditional backgrounds, specifically candidates who were formerly incarcerated or living in poverty. Ten years in, Just Q’in is experiencing a triple-win that many other companies only dream about: employee life transformation, ownership mindsets, and intense loyalty. Matt will share his best practices for sourcing, onboarding, and supporting the unique needs of these employees and share stories about the ways they became a powerful force in building corporate culture.

    About Matt Cuff

    Matt Cuff is the founder and owner of Just Q’in BBQ, a restaurant and catering company located in Cincinnati, Ohio. Launched as a food truck in 2009, Just Q’in moved to a permanent location in 2011. A recent feature on The Cooking Channel show Food Paradise described Matt’s barbeque as one of the country’s “tastiest, most mouth-watering, and decadent meals.” Just Q’in was founded with the motto “Faith, Love, and BBQ” and is known for hiring, developing, and training individuals with barriers to employment. Matt also serves as chairman of the board for the Walnut Hills Redevelopment Foundation.

    Matt in the News

    Matt Cuff
    Just Q’in BBQ

  • Abstract

    The Restorative Workplace: Leaving Better Than They Arrived

    Organizational Development Track

    God designed work to be meaningful and life-giving: mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. And yet, most employees end their workdays depleted and discouraged. Levi Smith led his company through a significant cultural shift to prioritize employee flourishing and to create a restorative workplace. He will present practical techniques for establishing and maintaining a life-giving culture through the layers of peers, supervisors, and middle management. 

    About Levi Smith

    Levi Smith serves as president and CEO of Franklin Building Supply, leading over 800 employees across two states and 17 locations. Committed to becoming an employee-first organization, he oversaw the transition to 100% employee ownership and focuses on elevating leadership, increasing job satisfaction, and improving safety metrics. From 2016 to 2021, Franklin’s sales increased from $120M to $370M.

    Levi in the News

    Levi Smith
    Franklin Building Supply

  • Abstract

    Becoming an Employer of Choice

    Organizational Development Track

    Now more than ever, attracting and retaining talented employees is key to business success.  The disruption of the last few years has made being an “Employer of Choice” an even bigger challenge. Today, 51% of small businesses have job openings they cannot fill, far above the historical average. When Leslie and Joe Ryan implemented a holistic employee experience strategy at Reliable Electric, they saw immediate results in employee engagement and satisfaction. In this session, Leslie will walk you through the stories of life change and redemption she has seen at Reliable as she and Joe truly pour into their employees as image bearers of Christ.

    About Leslie Ryan

    Alongside her husband Joe, Leslie Ryan is the 23-year co-owner of Reliable Electric, a large electrical contracting company and third-generation family-owned business in Centerville, Ohio. After retiring from a two-decade career at the Fortune 50 firm Procter & Gamble, most recently as Vice President of Human Resources, she stepped into a more active role at Reliable. Her efforts to cultivate organizational culture, advance ministry, and develop employees resulted in Reliable being named “Family Owned Business of the Year,” “Fastest 50,” and one of the “Best Places to Work” by the Dayton Business Journal. Leslie was also named one of Dayton’s Most Powerful Women in Business in 2022.

    Leslie in the News

    Leslie Ryan
    Reliable Electric & S2S Strategy

  • Abstract

    Financial Management Today: Don’t Distress, Press

    Financial Management Track

    Over the past three years, the economic climate has been challenging for many business owners: a pandemic, an uncertain political climate, the great resignation, and a looming recession. And yet Lee Arnold’s mid-sized real estate company achieved a 234% profit margin increase in the midst of this chaos. Lee will walk you through the six bold financial management strategies his team took to thrive in this season. This session will cover alternative business funding vehicles, a quick liquidity test, a recession preparation checklist, and a recession risk assessment to ensure your financials are in good order and your company is prepared for any economic challenge.

    About Lee Arnold

    Lee Arnold is a real estate investor, developer, trainer, international speaker, and best-selling author who has spent years perfecting the real estate investing and private money lending process. As CEO of several multi-million dollar enterprises and the chairman of several private equity funds, Lee has facilitated billions of dollars in real estate transactions across the country as a buyer, lender, and consultant. His current success is the result of rebuilding after he lost everything in the real estate market crash of 2008. Prompted by that experience, he and his wife founded He’s The Solution Ministries, a global nonprofit that helps entrepreneurs live out the truth that God is the CEO of all. They also host the annual Be Bold For Jesus conference to provide discipleship training to Christians from all around the world to grow in boldness for faith.

    Lee in the News

    Lee Arnold
    Secured Investment Corp.

  • Abstract

    A Bema Mindset: ROI Now, ROI for Eternity

    Ministry Track

    It’s a sobering thought. God will hold us accountable at the bema seat for every aspect of our lives. Although Christian business owners know this, many live in the false dichotomy of the sacred-secular divide where the ministry component of C12’s Five-Point Alignment Matrix feels like a distraction from other business goals. By contrast, Larry Griffith suggests ministry can serve as a launching pad for improved business outcomes across the business: increasing employee engagement and transforming lives. This breakout will help you develop a holistic ministry conduit for your employees and their families, providing meaningful ROI now and for eternity.

    About Larry Griffith

    As the CEO of Corporate Chaplains of America (CCA), Larry Griffith considers his role to be the “magnum opus” of his life. His leadership spans over three decades as a Naval officer, at the Fortune 250 firm ALLTEL, and in the nonprofit sphere. At ALLTEL, his responsibilities included leadership for 3,000+ employees and 2.6M customers, with an annual profit and loss responsibility exceeding $1.5B. In his role at CCA, he is motivated by a vision to see 100,000 lives changed by the gospel over the next five years and believes holistic care for people is the key to creating great cultures and thriving organizations.

    Larry in the News

    Larry Griffith
    Corporate Chaplains of America

  • Abstract

    A Four-Win Succession Plan

    Financial Management Track 

    After years of building a business by advising clients on mergers, acquisitions, and buyouts, the time came for Andy Limes of SDR Ventures and his co-founding Partner to consider their succession. They wanted to accomplish a profitable sale while continuing the ministry legacy Andy had worked to establish. His answer came in the person of Geoff Eliason, a peer sitting right in his C12 forum. With a well-conceived pairing of Buyer and Seller, they were able to set up SDR for a “four-win succession plan” benefitting the Seller, the Buyer, the employees, and the ministry impact within the business. This session will focus on the mechanics of business succession while continuing your Business as a Ministry legacy.

    About Geoff Eliason and Andy Limes

    Geoff Eliason. Geoff Eliason serves as principal at SDR Ventures, a Colorado firm providing clients with business consulting, venture capital, and consulting around mergers and acquisitions (M&A). Prior to joining SDR, Geoff acquired, grew, and sold a nationally recognized asset and wealth management company and served on the launch team of an Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) startup. Geoff leverages his 16 years of industry experience to serve M&A clients with enhanced business valuations and provides thought leadership to the entrepreneurial community.

    Andy Limes. A co-founder of Colorado-based SDR Ventures, Andy works closely with clients to execute mergers and acquisitions (M&A), secure equity and debt financing, and maximize shareholder value during transfers of family-held businesses. Andy started his career in the tax practice of Deloitte & Touche and has more than 25 years of experience in strategic and transactional analysis. He is a CPA, holds Series 24, 62, 63, and 79 securities licenses, and sits on the nonprofit boards of Denver Seminary and Mission Hills Church.

    Geoff and Andy in the News

    Geoff Eliason & Andy Limes
    SDR Ventures

  • Abstract

    The Lean Shepherd

    Operations Management Track
    As business owners, we desire greater efficiency for our companies with less waste, better processes, and teams that continuously learn. Evans Kariuki believes we lead as “lean shepherds” when we honor God and implement practices for operational excellence. Merging diverse talents, Evans serves both as a lean systems consultant and a bi-vocational pastor. He will share the biblical values behind lean principles and share best-in-class tools for waste reduction, data visualization, value stream management, and employee engagement.

    About Evans Kariuki

    Evans Kariuki is the CEO of Circle K Supply Chain Solutions LLC and senior advisor at Ikanban Online, a project management software company. He says, “People are the backbone of any organization, and lean systems are the muscle.” His extensive career in lean processes began at Toyota, where he led teams to implement and streamline production systems. Now leading Circle K, his Lean Crisis Management Playbook has helped companies of all sizes achieve operational excellence by improving service levels, identifying cost savings, and excelling in profitability.

    Evans in the News

    Evans Kariuki
    Circle K Supply Chain Solutions LLC

  • Abstract

    Messaging to Win in Sales, Retention, and Recruitment

    Revenue Generation Track

    Thriving companies reach customers and motivate employees by identifying the core purpose for the business and communicating it effectively. The key is developing the right message for the right audience–and too few companies get it right. Dean Harrington built a leading mortgage business by unleashing the power of internal and external messaging. In this session, Dean will help us fire-test our messaging and teach us how to attract the most profitable employees and customers.

    About Dean Harrington

    Dean Harrington is the founder and “chief repenting officer” of Shamrock Home Loans, a regional residential mortgage lending company located in Providence, Rhode Island. As the former president of Rhode Island Mortgage Bankers Association, The Banker & Tradesman recognized Dean as one of New England’s most influential mortgage executives. With his emphasis on culture, vision, and strategic alignment, Shamrock consistently ranks as a top mortgage employer. They ranked second as “Best Mortgage Company to Work For” by the National Mortgage News and as one of “The Best & Brightest Companies” for eight consecutive years by Mortgage Professionals Magazine.

    Dean in the News

    Dean HarringtonDean Harrington
    Shamrock Home Loans

  • Abstract

    #BeTheGiveBack: Developing a Ministry Vision for Your Business

    Ministry Track

    What is the abundant life? A life spent fulfilling the purpose and calling God has for your life and utilizing the gifts He’s given you to bring Him Glory with your whole heart. Through an incredible journey of God’s intervention and direction, Craig Wilburn was led into real estate. His thriving business is built on a Business as a Ministry (BaaM) vision of “pointing humanity to God by creating a worldwide culture of giving back.” In this session, Craig shares how he developed a BaaM vision statement and walks us through a process to develop our own ministry-focused visions.

    About Craig Wilburn

    Craig Wilburn is the founder of Team Dynamo, named Gainesville’s #1 People’s Choice for Real Estate, and recognized as one of North Florida’s top-selling teams with over $600M in sales. Craig champions Team Dynamo’s mission to “honor God by creating a positive & lasting impact in the lives of people.” He is the first African American to serve as president of the Gainesville and Alachua County Association of Realtors and the city’s first member of the National Association of Realtors (RPAC) Hall of Fame.

    Craig in the News

    Craig Wilburn
    Team Dynamo/Keller Williams Gainesville

  • Abstract

    Scaling Your Business for a Greater Purpose

    Revenue Generation Track

    Brittany Zeller leads the fast-paced growth of Tiny Feet, a company that has more than doubled revenue and staff every year for the past five years. Scaling at an exponential pace poses a multitude of challenges. As Jim Collins so eloquently stated, “If a company grows revenue faster than its ability to get the right people to implement that growth, it will not simply stagnate, it will fall.” Heeding Collins’ warning, Brittany credits Tiny Feet’s sustainable scalability to a relentless focus on culture and employee growth. This session will provide practical steps and strategies you can use to scale your business and achieve great results for a greater purpose.

    About Brittany Zeller

    In 2017, with a $1,000 investment earned from a yard sale, Brittany Zeller launched Tiny Feet Early Intervention to provide in-home educational therapy for children with disabilities in Greenville, South Carolina. Trained as a special education teacher and with a limited background in business, Brittany quickly scaled the business at a rate of 150% year-over-year to $1.9M in revenue for 2021, 35 employees, and plans for a 2023 expansion into two new markets. Her passions include organizational health, a flourishing workplace culture, and serving her clients with Christ-like care.

    Brittany Zeller
    Tiny Feet Early Intervention

  • Abstract

    Kings & Queens: Called to This Time

    We live in challenging times. Recession, inflation, war, and civil unrest dominate the headlines. The currents of cultural change seem to shift continually. How should we respond as Christians and as business leaders? According to Mike Sharrow, a robust biblical worldview, based on God’s word, will transform how we approach these issues and clarify our response. He will close CURRENT, the Business as a Ministry movement’s signature event, by casing a vision that inspires us to shape the future together.

    About Mike Sharrow

    Mike Sharrow is the CEO of C12 as well as a member of the Board of Directors. Mike joined C12 first as a member in 2010, then served as a Chair from 2011–2015 before taking the role of CEO in 2016. Mike previously spent years in healthcare, financial services, local church leadership, and consulting in Chicago and San Antonio. Mike’s purpose in life is to lead people to live their destiny while catalyzing movements of sustainable gospel flourishing.

    He lives in San Antonio, Texas, with his wife, Jacqui, and two daughters, Elayna and Sophia.

    Mike in the News

    Mike Sharrow

  • Abstract

    Excellence Honors God and Inspires People

    As Christians, we feel the angst of societal upheaval, observing entire industries taking stances increasingly antithetical to our values. Serving major entertainment industry brands (Warner Brothers, Dreamworks, Universal, and Epic Games), Bryan Engram’s commitment to excellence and grace-filled integrity has enabled Brazen to thrive in an otherwise hostile industry. There are lessons in his story for all of us. We position our companies to thrive by finding our sweet spot in the intersection of a life-changing mission, a redemptive culture, and a commitment to honor God with excellence in all we do.

    About Bryan Engram

    Bryan Engram is the CEO/CCO and co-founder of Brazen Animation. Before founding Brazen, Bryan oversaw projects for top studios like Walt Disney, Dreamworks, Blue Sky/Fox, Warner Brothers, and Sony. Under Bryan’s direction, Brazen’s credits include work on WB’s Space Jam 2, Addams Family 2, SCOOB! 2, and EA Sports: Madden, among many others. He’s been on the shortlist for the Oscars and nominated for numerous production awards. A creator at heart, Bryan is passionate about telling stories of redemption and purpose.

    Bryan and his wife, Toni, live in Richardson, Texas, with their two girls, Kate and Grace, and their dog Halo.

    Bryan in the News

    Bryan EngramBryan Engram
    Brazen Animation

  • Abstract

    Remote Discipleship Powered by Technology and the Holy Spirit

    Plenary Session

    Snowman Labs helps companies leverage technology for business growth. In 2018, when Danilo Brizola was exposed to the Business as a Ministry vision, he says the company was “born again.” Snowman’s team became increasingly dispersed across multiple countries as the business grew, a trend that exponentially increased during the Covid-19 pandemic. Danilo looked to Scripture for wisdom on making disciples in a remote context and found inspiration from the original remote disciple-maker, the Apostle Paul. Learn how Snowman’s innovative strategies for intentional care and discipleship transcend walls and even oceans to impact people with the gospel.

    About Danilo Brizola

    Danilo Brizola is the founder of Snowman Labs, a digital solution company specializing in software development and UI/UX design. Under Danilo’s leadership, Snowman Labs went from a startup with zero venture capital to a multimillion-dollar business, serving clients around the globe, including Volvo, RCI Bank, HBR, and Lockton. While the company focuses on digital transformation, Danilo is even more passionate about enabling heart transformation. To that end, he founded LightUp, an organization supporting and equipping Kingdom-focused startups.

    Sharing his life with his wife Mailin, Danilo has the privilege of being a father of two little princesses, Melissa and Isabela.

    Danilo in the News

    Danilo BrizolaDanilo Brizola
    Snowman Labs

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    Innovation, Client Focus, and the Power of Storytelling

    Are you leading from a place of surrender to the calling of God in your life? Is your organization flowing from your convictions? Claris Health cares for individuals and families facing expected pregnancies in Los Angeles. Concerned about a growing disconnect between the organization’s vision, donor expectations, pressing community challenges, and patient needs, Talitha Phillips challenged her team to identify their personal “why’s”. An innovative path emerged in the collective stories of patients, staff, and supporters. Talitha’s unconventional leadership journey illustrates how stories can unite people, ignite innovative services, and create a mission mindset for any business.

    About Talitha Phillips

    Hired as Director of Claris Health at age 23, Talitha Phillips spearheaded the organization’s transition from a small resource center with a $90K annual budget to a licensed medical clinic with a $2M budget. Now serving as CEO, Talitha has successfully developed a model of care that addresses racial and health disparities, especially among people of color. Talitha is known for finding common ground in a polarized world, has worked at the US Senate, and has led numerous teams to work with orphans and human trafficking victims in Uganda, Africa.

    Talitha lives in Thousand Oaks, California, with daughters Riley and Addy and Labradoodle Bowie. She enjoys spinning, F45, walks on the beach, traveling, good food, and finding a yummy matcha latte.

    Talitha in the News

    Talitha Phillips
    Claris Health

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    This Moment: Building a Business to Love and Value People

    What if Christian CEOs and business owners loved their neighbors as themselves? What if followers of Jesus rejected the business-as-usual accumulation of wealth for shareholders and owners at the expense of employees? What if we shifted our focus from greed to love–love for God and love for people? At the height of the 2008 mortgage crisis, Casey Crawford founded Movement Mortgage to lead a movement of change in the lending industry, in other corporate communities, and in local communities. For Casey, it all comes back to the mission: “to love and value people in everything we do”.

    About Casey Crawford

    Former Super Bowl champion Casey Crawford is the co-founder and CEO of Movement Mortgage, a $30 billion retail mortgage lender and a six-time member of the Inc. 5000 list. He is also the founder of Movement Schools, a network of tuition-free charter schools providing world-class education in underserved communities. Casey was a finalist for the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year award, received the HousingWire Vanguard award, and has been featured by national media outlets, including CNBC, Bloomberg, and The Wall Street Journal.

    An avid outdoorsman and Brazilian jiu-jitsu competitor, Casey lives outside Charlotte, North Carolina, with his wife, Michelle, and daughters, Cadie and Josie.

    Casey in the News

    Casey CrawfordCasey Crawford
    Movement Mortgage

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    Give Me This Mountain: The Story of Encubator Asia

    Encubator Asia was birthed out of a burden for Christian business owners to shine as lights in Malaysia: a Muslim-majority nation where corruption, worker exploitation, and greed are rampant. In the midst of these challenges, and with restrictions on expressing their Christian faith, Kah Hooi Lim is seeing a growing number of brave business leaders live out the Business as a Ministry vision. In partnership with C12, the Encubator ministers to hundreds of enterprising Christian leaders in Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia, Nepal, Laos, China, and most recently Indonesia.  

    Kah Hooi Lim Biography

    Dr. Kah Hooi Lim leads C12 in Malaysia and Singapore as the area’s Managing Chair. Coaching CEOs and business leaders for 25 years, Kah Hooi has courageously built a thriving faith-based entrepreneurship community in a challenging faith environment. He co-founded The Encubator with a vision to transform the marketplace in the majority Muslim nation of Malaysia through biblical entrepreneurs. He also helped launch the Emmaus Business School (EBS) and has lectured on his Biblical Entrepreneurship model in four countries.

    He and his wife Peggy have been married for forty-four years and have three children and four grandchildren.

    Kah Hooi Lim in the News

    Kah Hooi Lim
    C12 Malaysia and Singapore

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    Next Faith: Trends Shaping the Future Workforce

    Millennials and Gen Z employees comprise the bulk of our workforce, and their values will shape the future of media, politics, neighborhoods, offices, and job sites. It is no accident that we have been placed into positions of business leadership “for such a time as this”. Due to the nature of relationships in the workplace, Christian employers are uniquely positioned to reach these generations. Researcher David Kinnaman will examine the key spiritual, cultural, and generational trends influencing today’s workplace and will share the surprising key to developing resilient disciples in the next generation.

    About David Kinnaman

    David Kinnaman is the author of the bestselling books Faith For Exiles, Good Faith, You Lost Me, and unChristian. He is CEO of Barna Group, a leading research and communications company that works with churches, nonprofits, and businesses ranging from film studios to financial services. Overseeing more than two million individual interviews and thousands of US and global research projects, his insights have impacted the strategic direction of countless faith-based organizations.

    He lives in Ft. Worth, Texas, and has three children.

    David in the News

    David Kinnaman
    Barna Group

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    Our Father’s Business

    There’s a complicated relationship between success and significance. We think the first will lead to the second. But apart from God’s will, our ambitions for success will always fall short. Jason Brown was the highest-paid Center in the NFL, enjoying the fruits of worldly success, when he received a surprising job offer from an unlikely coach: Jesus. Now the owner of First Fruits Farm, Jason spends his days working in His Father’s business, living out a fourfold focus on faithfulness, family, relationships, and the gospel.

    About Jason Brown

    Jason Brown walked away from a successful NFL career to answer God’s call to establish First Fruits Farm, a hunger relief organization in North Carolina. Over the past ten years, the farm has grown, harvested, and donated over one million pounds of food to needy families throughout the Carolinas. They host more than 50 weddings annually in their historic dairy barn and 100,000+ attendees at their annual hot air balloon festival.

    Jason considers his most important role in life to be that of loving and leading his wife, Tay, of nineteen years, and his eight children.

    Jason in the News

    Jason Brown
    First Fruits Farm

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    Quality (Product + Execution + People) = Influence

    Joan Maxwell was already an accomplished businesswoman when she joined C12 in 2014. The prospect of using her business as a platform for ministry was exciting but also intimidating. Over the past decade, she and her team have systematically transformed Regulator Marine into a model of Business as a Ministry (BaaM), one step at a time. We win respect, inside our companies and industries, when our character matches our proclamations. As we build great businesses for a greater purpose, we open surprising doors of influence to extend God’s Kingdom.

    About Joan Maxwell

    Joan Maxwell is the co-founder of Regulator Marine, one of the most respected brands in the boating industry with a 121,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in Edenton, North Carolina. Regulator Marine is the proud recipient of 19 Customer Satisfaction Index awards and the North Carolina Department of Labor’s top safety award—the North Carolina Star. She serves on the National Marine Manufacturer’s Association (NMMA) Divisional Board and was recently inducted into its Hall of Fame.

    Joan lives in Edenton, North Carlina, with her husband of 37 years, Owen. She enjoys being on the water in a boat and sharing life lessons in faith and business.

    Joan in the News

    Joan Maxwell
    Regulator Marine